Quarantined Mom Life - Motherhood During COVID-19

We're almost halfway through one of the hardest years yet! So, hug yourself because being a parent, employee, spouse, a student myself AND A TEACHER is hard af!

There's no need to sugar coat it or feel bad about it because it is what it is, and it's perfectly ok to feel this way! If anything, I feel your pain. Now, if you're living your best motherly dreams them props to you sis, talk to me after.

Although, the reality is parenting isn't easy, especially when you have to transition into being with them 24/7. Don't get me wrong I love that annoying little rascal, but I'm starting to wish I was still working in my office outside of home. And let me be quick to say that feeling this way doesn't make you any less of a parent! You can kick all those judgments out the door because sweetie let me tell you, they aren't living your life, paying your bills and in this cruel world, everyone has an opinion that makes them THINK they're better than you when in reality I'm 1000% sure they're just as imperfect as us! But let me go on...

Once school was over, and I was done teaching my son. I decided to let him be a kid by allowing him to do whatever pleased him, which was playing on his iPad, watching tv, or riding his bicycle. After all, it was "summer break." If it weren't for entertainment spots being closed, we would've been having fun everywhere. But because many places are closed, I soon realized I wasn't doing those "fun stuff" anymore, which made me feel bad. So, one day I decided to go on a shopping spree to buy some activities Noah and I could do together. As I roamed around the isles, I also dropped some learning workbooks in my cart so he could spend less time on electronics and more time on being first grade ready.

With this shopping guide, I hope to bring a more bonding experience with you and your loved ones. Here are the things I've purchased: