MoreThan Just A Strip - Las Vegas + EDC

Getting off the airplane, the first thing I thought of was WOW! This is NOT what I was expecting at all lol. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the whole bright city lights was nowhere to be found. The only thing I could see were scissor lifts, boom lifts, all kinds of construction equipments. Vegas was sure enough going through a lot of construction. But finally at night while we were heading to din-din (dinner), which was towards the “strip” I did finally see all the lights I’ve always heard people mention. But there’s so much more to see in Vegas, then a 6-mile strip.  Which was the highlight of my trip besides EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) of course. So, let me tell you what Vegas is really about besides the Casinos and the Strip.

Where I stayed

Stratosphere Hotel

The reason why I chose to book this hotel is because, they have this AMAZING 1,149-foot observation tower and 4 rides, 100 stories above the Strip, plus a rotating restaurant in the observation tower. There’s also live entertainment, and an outdoor pool with cabana, plus several bars and lounges. And because I  booked with this hotel the admission for the rides and the tower was over 50% off. YAAASSSS!!!

When you hear Vegas all you may think about is casinos, casinos and more casinos. Although, Vegas is well known for gambling. They also have the BEST shows such as; celebrity performances by Britney Spears, even Gwen Stefani and JLo at one point. And let's not forget about the beautiful Burlesque and magic shows.

I do want to mention that they are pretty pricy when it comes to seeing shows in Vegas, so make sure you save and purchase your tickets weeks if not months before your visit because shows do get sold out!

You can check what shows Vegas has by clicking: here

Besides all the fun shows you can watch, you should also check out their nightlife. Vegas LOVES to bring in famous DJs like Deadmau5, Tiesto, Marshmallow, Calvin Harris and so many more! If you're into that kind of thing, then make sure you add it onto your to-do list!

If you or someone you know is taking a trip to Vegas and needs help on where to go or what to do. Feel free to check out my Travel Guides where I give you all the cool spots to take pictures, where to eat, where to go and so much more! You can even purchase a custom travel itinerary where I make your trip a WHOLE LOT SMOOTHER (must be purchased 3 weeks before trip).

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And here are just a few pics from EDC. I have more videos then I do have photos so excuse the small number of photos lol.




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